Family first aid kit must have 14 items

Issuing time:2021-11-08 11:11

Life for a family emergency kit, is very necessary for processing unexpected bruising, bleeding, so the family first aid bag. What is more appropriate?? some abrasions, knocking, drug treatment is family first aid box in the necessary items.

1, the use of elastic bandage for medical use.

2, simple package: less than 300 mm X300 mm soft bag or hard open cover type box can be. The best with three side zipper to maximize open packaging, reduce the times of emergency medicine for trouble.

3, a small injury: at any time to cover the wound.

4, medical examination gloves: disposable medical rubber gloves.

5, buckle tourniquet: binding to the proximal end of the wound, the blood vessel occlusion pressure to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.

6, bottled iodine.

7, safety scissors scissors: round to prevent a two damage when dressing the wound.

8, triangle bandage: a large triangular gauze, can be tied to the head and back and other places, can also be broken or injured hand is fixed to the neck.

9, thermometer: at any time to monitor the body temperature to detect the disease.

10, cotton stick: for small wound cleaning and disinfection treatment, there will be no cross infection.

11, alcohol cotton: independent small packaging, used for disinfection of wounds.

12, medical tape: used for dressing wounds.

13, medical absorbent gauze: compression hemostasis, cover the wound with.

14, clean: clean the skin with.

In the home to prepare a first aid kit, which is commonly used in emergency medical supplies and medicines, when encountered health problems can be treated in a timely manner. In addition, family first aid package is to be placed in obvious to find places, such as TV cabinet, cabinets, and other obvious and readily take the position.

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