Investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of medical device industry in China

Issuing time:2021-11-08 11:14

Investment analysis of medical device industry

At present, China's medical device market has jumped to second place in the world (second only to the United States), China's medical device industry is becoming a hot investment.

Conventional equipment market will grow rapidly

Investment advisor in the 2016-2020 China Medical Device Industry Investment Analysis and prospect forecast a report "that in recent years, China's reform in full swing, government investment continued to increase, medical institutions in ever increasing numbers, public hospital reform pilot steadily, basic medical service provided system was further strengthened. The accelerated pace of medical reform, China's medical and health institutions will undoubtedly become a powerful driving force for China's medical equipment industry has brought great opportunities for China's medical equipment industry.

It is noteworthy that, in recent years, the state through the implementation of government pricing of medical insurance drugs, the abolition of the hospital's own procurement and the implementation of centralized bidding and procurement, in order to gradually reduce the hospital's dependence on drug revenue. Under the influence of these policies, by improving hospital software and hardware conditions, improve the medical service income become hospitals to reduce the dependence on the drug income an important way, the resulting demand for medical equipment, constitute the continued momentum of the development of the medical device industry.

China is a country with a population of 1 billion 300 million, and will enter the aging society. At the same time, China's economy is in a state of rapid development, people's living standards continue to improve, the requirements of health care. However, the penetration rate of conventional medical equipment in primary hospitals is still not high. And in the case of health care reform policies to the grassroots medical institutions to tilt, the basic level of medical service demand will continue to increase, the regular medical equipment market will have a faster growth.

Digital equipment market will be substantial growth

Information technology and network is the development trend of medical management, this trend will lead to image, digital high, fine, sharp equipment market demand growth. Hospital information management system generally set up the hospital has further establish a medical image storage and communication system for the needs of the core of the clinical information system, accounted for all the medical information system is an important proportion of medical imaging information system is in the core of hospital information where. Trend of hospital information for medical device manufacturing enterprise to bring the huge market space, especially the digital medical equipment market, total demand will increase substantially, the market demand for high-end video equipment and other ancillary equipment will also increase, is expected to digital medical set by the market capacity of up to hundreds of billion yuan.

Household medical needs tend to be diversified

In 2011, in China's medical device market, home medical equipment products accounted for a smaller share, its sales accounted for only 14% of the same year China medical device market total sales and market is mainly concentrated in the economically developed areas, central and western regions for small share. With the development of the national economy, improve people's quality of life, people's health awareness rising, home medical equipment market demand diversification, which will promote our country home medical equipment product diversification, breakdown products will become more and more refined. Portable, networked home electronic medical device products will appear in large numbers, the market share of domestic medical devices will accelerate growth in the past few years.

Future prospects of the medical device industry

As of the end of December 2014, China Medical equipment and instrument manufacturing industry total assets reached 1832.424 billion yuan, up 18.54%; as of the end of September 2015, China Medical equipment and instrument manufacturing industry total assets reached 2113.572 billion yuan, year-on-year growth 18.89%.

Based on the above factors, 2016 China medical instrument equipment and apparatus manufacturing industry total assets will reach 27.82 billion yuan, the next five years (2016-2020) average annual compound growth rate of approximately 17.75%, 2020 assets will reach 53.49 billion yuan.

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