Medical device industry: Chaka Kamasashige, leading early ~ medical technology and integration and i

Issuing time:2021-11-08 11:14

of technology and medicine, focusing on the future of the six core areas of the star. Medical devices related to medicine, medicine, machinery, materials, electronic computers, intelligent Internet and other interdisciplinary fields, technology and medical blend, is its unique properties. We after the study selected six stars of the future core areas, including: IVD, the high value of the supplies, medical imaging center, cancer treatment centers, medical robots, household appliances 6 core area, a huge potential for the future.

Global vision, focusing China; just young, leading early. (1) global vision, focus on China: in 2015 the global medical device market size of about $384 billion, the industry growth rate of 4.9%, to maintain rapid growth and sustainable innovation. Chinese medical device market size increased by 17.9 billion yuan in 2001 to 2500 billion in 2014, up 14 fold, compound annual growth rate of nearly 21%, our equipment / drug market scale is only 0.2:1, far below the global 0.5:1 level, the future potential is huge. (2) exactly in their prime, leading emerging: the development of China's medical device industry lags behind in medicine, in the late 1990s began to develop, most A-share company of medical apparatus and instruments after the opening of the gem in 2009 before the listing; pharmaceutical industry market size 1.3 trillion, 6000 companies, nearly 200 listed companies; and medical device industry market size of about 2500 billion, 14000 companies, listed companies only more than 20. China Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. volume and market capitalization is relatively small, rapid growth, technological innovation replacement fast; we believe that medical devices in China is now in the merger integration focus of ascension, high-speed growth, innovation and breakthrough, the growth of gold early and exactly in the prime of life, there have been some of the leading companies in the initial budding. In the case of the slowdown in the growth of pharmaceutical companies, the selection and investment potential of the company is worth focusing on the huge.

China's medical device industry: the core drivers, the future of the road. (1) increment and structure: key drivers. 1) aging and the incidence rate increase medical demand high-speed growth of 2) of a serious illness county (county hospital), and encourage developing private hospital (private hospital) bring medical spending considerable increment 3) change to drugs to support medical, diagnostic services accounted for than to upgrade the stimulate medical diagnosis of structural upgrade 4) import substitution is an important opportunity for the domestic brands. (2) innovation and integration: the way to the future. 1) industry mergers and acquisitions integration and platform is trend 2) by the medical device products to the service extension is an important direction of 3) specialized segments a breakthrough product innovation is the key 4) medical devices intelligent Internet is an important trend in the future.

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