The implementation of "two votes" medical device industry: who will win?

Issuing time:2021-11-08 11:14

Within this year, two vote system in the national health reform pilot provinces must be born. The determination of the state means that the two vote system will be performed, but the provinces execution in place of time vary only, pharmaceutical and medical device industry parties in an uproar, feel the existence of pressure. Medical device industry to implement the "two votes": who lives, who died? Let's see it.

What is the two ticket system: production enterprises to the circulation of enterprises to open an invoice, the circulation of enterprises to the medical institutions to open an invoice. The total generation of the country and the importer is the first vote, hosting business purchase is not a vote, the parent company to the subsidiary is not a vote.

Two votes in the implementation of the provinces and cities: Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Qinghai, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Chongqing,, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Ningxia, there are pilot health reform city for the 200. Two ticket system in the comprehensive implementation of the pharmaceutical industry, medical supplies two votes in the first landing in Huizhou, Guangdong, followed by Shaanxi, Ningxia. As time goes by, more health care reform pilot provinces and cities will follow up two votes in medical supplies". Two system of ticket and distribution of common consumables and examination reagent production companies and agents of common consumables and examination reagent tender to the city mainly standard, which requires prior to take Province on behalf of the mode of medical device manufacturers must channel sink, to form the prefecture level city of agents as the core of the market structure. Maximum is not two vote system, but the distribution business qualification cognizance, this year, Zhuhai general consumables and examination reagent tender identified only three companies have qualified distribution effect of common consumables and examination reagent production companies and agents, other Zhuhai 68 companies because there is no qualified distribution was eliminated, Shenzhen is also the only identified three distribution qualification of medical supplies, including Chinese medicine, Shenzhen yiyatong and another distribution business. With a large number of small and medium-sized agents out will lead to in small ordinary materials and laboratory reagent manufacturers, is also out, because each municipal bidding "will have thousands of home of ordinary supplies and testing reagent companies won the bid, the author Wang Qiang think three distributors could not accommodate how many successful medical supplies manufacturers, most of the small and medium-sized medical supplies manufacturer will also be eliminated.

Two system of ticket and distribution of medical supplies under the new situation of beneficiaries with small and medium agents out, Chinese medicine, led by big business performance of the company will get the explosive growth, in the industry's influence, network construction, capital strength will be reached new heights. With the small and medium medical supplies production enterprises out, the first line of well-known medical supplies brand performance has also been significantly improved. Two ticket system and distribution is also conducive to promoting the development of medicine and medical supplies third party logistics, standardize the industry order. Under the new situation of medical supplies agents: the elimination of a group, transformation group under the new situation of medical consumable manufacturing enterprises faces the problem? Market structure: re layout, relying on large business company, develop new channels? Channel change: an agent, partner, the package manager, BD company? Change funding pressures, financial risk and marketing costs rose sharply? Of a huge marketing team management, risk of commercial bribery, as government affairs has become or to become a Chinese medical supplies well-known brands still have to rely on three aspects: technology innovation driven market, the optimal price advantage, the integration of capital strength.

The final stage of the medical device market policy: one vote system once the medical supplies in the field of two ticket system successfully landed and executed, and then for the medical equipment market, one vote system will come. In March 16th this year, Fujian Sanming of medical equipment have to implement one vote. In a single vote system of market environment, 99% of medical equipment Proxy Companies will disappear. The biggest difference is that medical equipment and medical supplies and medical equipment not related to the follow-up of product distribution, medical equipment is the sale of a hammer, cut the intermediate links, to reduce the transaction price of medical equipment, but decreased the core of medical equipment to clinch a deal the price factor is the competitive situation. The author believes that those who occupy the leading position of the category such as dental implants, the price is very high. All domestic products occupy a leading position in the category such as monitor, heart stents, the price is very low. Visible, through bidding and other means to reduce medical equipment prices can only take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, reduce medical equipment prices will eventually have to support the domestic medical equipment.

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