British de Europe from three aspects of the impact of China's medical device industry

Issuing time:2021-11-08 11:15

Now the UK is a member of the European Union, medical regulations consistent with the EU, as long as the CE standard in the United Kingdom, there will be no problem.

Yet CE is the abbreviation of French EUROPEENNE CONFORMITE, which means "the European Community", the European community, the predecessor of the European Union.

If the British off Europe, CE is not applicable in the UK is what is likely to happen, British in the EU's regulatory system is the most perfect, especially to recall events and adverse event reporting notice done more perfect.

Following the British character, it is likely to produce a standard that belongs to the British Isles. The drafting of this standard may be based on the CE standard, as the details of the changes, in order to better conform to the situation in the UK itself.

If there is such a standard, it is no doubt that the Chinese enterprises is a bad news, and more to do such a certification of the input will bring the number of the market? And the British health department will not build this system another FDA certification is also unknown.

However, the cost of a new system is also the British government to consider the matter, taking into account the financial pressure after the British government to take off, the CE system should not be considered in the past 2-3 years to consider the issue.

Exchange rate changes

There is no doubt that it will affect the exchange rate of the pound. Whenever a poll shows off the European support rate, the pound will fall immediately. From the recent UK gold sales and other news can be seen in the community has revealed a distrust of the pound. After the fall of Europe, the pound fell 10%-15% in the short term is a very high probability.

Pound fell on the one hand will make the British government's financial pressure rise, foreign exchange reserves to reduce. On the other hand, the wishes of the British import will be significantly reduced, the company doing import business is facing a huge test of survival.

In 2012, the United Kingdom's medical device import value of up to $11 billion 800 million, is the world's largest importer of medical equipment. Britain's medical device import slowdown for China's export trade will not be a good news, in the short term, the UK's business will have a low ebb.

Government project

If Chinese companies can successfully avoid the impact of the exchange rate, but also face another problem, that is, the British government in the procurement of public hospitals to cut. Limited government funding is bound to be limited to the key sectors involved in the reform of the EU and the government investment in the short term is bound to increase investment in health care.

At this time the scarcity of procurement projects will become parties to crush the head Pinqiang battlefield. Private hospitals will also be the same market smell of gunpowder. Prior to the European market as a whole, this time also need to split into two parts of the European continent and the British planning assessment. Just relative to the continent's market, as a single market in the presence of the British worth how much effort to get the corresponding output return?

There must be a dodge after the so-called chaos, in fact, three challenges mentioned above is also a major reshuffle of the opportunity, for before in the UK no little opportunity for enterprises, in a range of British policy changes may also be able to find a suitable for their own opportunities, take the reform ride in one fell swoop into the UK market and homeopathic in other Commonwealth countries also get benefits.

The referendum has ended, and the wonderful story is just beginning.

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