Medical protective mask both warm and anti influenza

Issuing time:2021-11-08 11:11

Small masks not only warm, right can prevent colds, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

The best choice is to choose a medical mask

Choice of masks, to be safe, beautiful is secondary. Suggested that the public to prevent seasonal flu in winter, should choose a professional medical protective mask. Medical mask classification more common, there are 12 layers of gauze masks, to filter dust and isolate influenza bacteria. There is a one-time three layers of non-woven mask, splash the outermost layer, middle layer filter bacteria, the innermost proof and breathable good, comfortable to wear, but to pay attention to the sterilization period of validity.

When to buy a mask, it is suggested to members of the public to pay more attention to the packaging of the implementation of standards, production license, production date and valid etc., not to buy three free products and the breakage of packing products.

Disinfection after washing sun

The election of the mask, but also will wear will wash. From a medical point of view, wearing a mask to ensure that people's hands clean, not the formation of the two masks of the mask. Hands sweating, to dry hands and then wear masks. Suggested that the public to prepare two masks to wear, to ensure that the use of masks in the sterilization period or shelf life. Daily care should be washed regularly, after washing the best in the sun by ultraviolet irradiation disinfection. People wear masks should not be too long, not more than 5 hours a day, a long time to breathe fresh air, but also make their own resistance to decline. It is recommended to go out when people do not focus on the place to take off the mask ventilation.

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